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August 14, 2019
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November 4, 2019

Earn More Do Less Team Attends The Journal Of Light
Construction (The JLC) Show—And Here’s What They Learned…

After attending Design and Construction Week, also known as The International Builder’s Show (IBS) for the last three years, our team felt it was an appropriate time to speak with more builders and remodelers. So, we headed to the 2019 Journal of Light Construction Show in Providence, RI—and we were glad we did.

First, we learned just how many residential remodeling companies in the design and build space from all over the country are struggling to win more business on the Internet. Furthermore, many of these companies were trying to do so without the help of HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Angie’s List, among other third-party sites and platforms.

Although these sites have certainly helped many companies increase brand awareness online, many of these platforms (among others) use your hard-earned money in reselling your Google Adwords click. In essence, they are reselling one lead five times to a pool of builders and remodelers who want to grow their businesses. Not fair…

Next, after presenting to several dozen growth-oriented entrepreneurs in the building industry, it was evident that our website review videos are the perfect tools to help small-to-mid-sized remodeling companies measure, monitor, adjust and control how they’re going to gain more market share in their respective niches and service areas.

Finally, out of the large pool of exhibitors and vendors who attended the Journal of Light Construction Show, Earn More Do Less was the only business development firm that works with manufacturers, showrooms, fabricators, installers, and builders. Needless to say, our team is excited to make another appearance at the JLC Show in 2020 and beyond.

How to Ramp Up Results–Right Now!

If you are looking for a tried, tested, and proven effective and profitable company that uses real strategies to help you gain predictable revenue from the Internet, then reach out to John Gosselin, CEO of Earn More Do Less, and ask him to film one of his world-famous website review videos.

This was a video John filmed for one of the companies he met at the JLC Show:



In his video, John will highlight some things you can do right now to ramp up your results, trim time, and stand out from the crowd, putting you in a better position to serve your clientele and self-select you among the other options as the best solutions provider for them.

To learn more about how the team of experts at Earn More Do Less can help you win more business on the Internet, reach out to the team today and request a website review video.

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