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How the Shower Door Installation Market
Can Streamline Processes In 5 Simple Steps

After working with more than half a dozen shower door glass installation companies, the teams at Earn More Do Less (EMDL) and ShowroomMarketing.com put their heads together to brainstorm ways to help modernize and enhance the industry. 

The teams discovered that the process for selecting and installing shower doors is outdated as well as multiple gaps in that process. As a result, the teams identified several opportunities to help improve, streamline, and close the gaps in the shower door installation process.

An Outdated and Obsolete Process

Currently, the process of selecting and installing a shower door consists of five steps:

Step 1: The builder or homeowner decides they need a new shower door or encasement. 

Step 2: The shower door installation company visits the property and measures for the perfect fit and reviews all of the glass styles, hardware options, layout, etc.

Step 3: Then, the shower door installation company sends the measurements to the manufacturer and waits for the delivery to their shop.

Step 4: The shower door arrives from the manufacturer and an installation date is scheduled with the customer.

Step 5: The shower door is installed.

If this process seems terribly outdated and inefficient to you, you are not alone. Through their collaborative brainstorming, the teams at EMDL and Showroom Marketing discovered massive gaps in this process that even the top shower door companies never knew existed.  We took our collective findings and developed the #1 business development resource in the Shower Door industry to date called SellMoreShowerDoors.com

The Gaps

So, what are the gaps in the existing process? EMDL and Showroom Marketing have identified two major gaps in the process:

Gap 1: The Browsing Interface. As unbelievable as it seems in this user-friendly digital age, there isn’t any easy way for builders and customers to search or browse for different styles of shower doors or hardware, such as handles, hinges, or waterproofing methods.

As a result, users are left blindly scrolling through thousands of options on random, unresponsive sites. This archaic process means it can take hours for users to find a door style and all of the associated hardware they like.

Gap 2: The Line of Communication. The absence of an industry standard for best communication practices throughout various stages or “micro-moments” of the process has caused breakdowns and confusion in the transaction cycle. 

In fact, communication is so disjointed that it typically takes two to four weeks to complete the process of ordering and installing a glass door, leaving homeowners, builders, and contractors feeling frustrated and out-of-the-loop… not good 🙁

The Opportunities

In 2019, and beyond, we can do better. In today’s market, the major shower door installation manufacturing companies include C.L. Laurence, Cardinal, Arizona Shower, and Dreamline.

In September 2019, GlassBuild America’s 2019 Expo for glass, windows, and doors was held in Atlanta, GA. EMDL attended the expo, which provided the perfect opportunity to begin laying the groundwork for creating a modern approach for an effortless process.

We Are Setting A New Industry Standard For Shower Door Installation


Anyone in the construction and remodeling business knows time is money. Streamlining the process of shower door selection and installation will also help speed up the remodeling process and improve the customer and contractor buying experience.

Enhancing internet marketing and simplifying the customer’s online shopping experience will be a top priority for both companies through 2020 and beyond.

We look forward to learning more about your business, your process, and what you’re planning to do to be more systematic and communicate more effectively with your clientele.

Team EarnMoreDoLess.com

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