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13 Year Old Boy From Billerica, MA, Zack Gosselin Helps
Hundreds Of Youths At The Greater Lowell Boys & Girls Club
“Turn Up the Volume” On Creative Expression!

For the seventh consecutive year, Zack Gosselin, the homerun-hitter for doing thoughtful things differently for others, has set his eyes on working with a wonderful cause and local organization many have grown to know and love.

After a lengthy discussion of which local organizations and charities to support in 2019, the Greater Lowell Boys and Girls Club in Massachusetts was on the suggestion list among the names of many other organizations. The Lowell Boys and Girls Club offers over 400 different programs for local children, however, the organization’s music program ‘sang’ to Zack’s heart the loudest.

At the beginning of 2019, Zack decided this year’s gift-giving initiatives would support the music program of the Lowell Boys and Girls Club and he was going to put the planning for his first annual Bowling For The Big Hearted event into motion.

Turning Up the Volume of Creative Expression For 5oo+ Children

When asked, “Zack, why the music program?” he responded with the following:

Music is a wonderful way to support children who want to creatively express what’s going on in their worlds, in their heads, and how they want to share those messages. The music program at the Boys & Girls club allows hundreds of members to ‘turn up the volume’ on that message for others to understand.

Zack began his talks with club administrators at the end 2018 and during April vacation in 2019, he hosted the first annual Bowling For The Big-Hearted event at Brunswick Zone Lowell Lanes in Lowell, MA. Dozens of staff and select members of the Lowell Boys and Girls Club, among members of Zack’s dedicated support team and donors, came out to share in on the fun and bowl with the brightest smiles on their faces to support the Lowell Boys and Girls Club.

Here Is Zack “Turning Up The Volume” For The Music Program

When the official donation ceremony bell rings on November 15th, Zack and his zealous, kind-hearted, and enthusiastic group of do-gooders who are always looking to lend a hand, will raise over $5,000 for the 3rd consecutive year for those facing ‘trying’ times.

Needless to say, the smiles on the recipients’ faces will forever be remembered and the amount ‘treats’ (i.e., dollars donated and memories that’ll last a lifetime from those dollars) mostly likely hit the spot for the boys and girls from Lowell in a big way!

Zack’s 1st Annual “Bowling For The Big-Hearted” Event Was Another Home-Run

Since he was 6 years old, Zack has always been passionate about supporting local charities and organizations dedicated to helping those in need who face “trying” times in life. Each year, Zack and his group of supporters and donors select a local charity or organization to support through events that bring together members of the community in fun and engaging ways.

If you would like to learn more about Zack’s other gift-giving initiatives for 2019, or if you’d like to learn more about the other local charities and organizations he has supported and raised over $20,000 to support since the start of, visit his website, connect with him on Instagram or Facebook and let him know if you’d like to lend a helping hand or get involved in the future… The DreamBigVille team is always open to work with fellow do-gooders!

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