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November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019

August 2019

Woolwich, Maine.

The Shelter Institute, a company committed to working with clients to create and build homes based in Woolwich, Maine is now making tangible efforts to put relationships first with their clientele they serve in the most high-tech and high-touch way possible.

The Shelter Institute has recently partnered with a business development firm that focuses on the Internet-based out of Boston, EarnMoreDoLess.com. The focus of Earn More Do Less is to help clients win more business through the Internet, gain more market share, assist with putting relationships first with their clients’ clients, and ultimately stand out in the crowd who may want to work with that same clientele.

About the Shelter Institute. The Shelter Institute operates with the motto: Think. Build. Live. The Shelter Institute is a company committed to working with clients to create and build homes based in Woolwich, Maine since 1974. The mission of the Shelter Institute is to build durable and adaptable homes through the use of fine woodworking tools and energy-conscious techniques.

The Shelter Institute was founded by Pat and Patsy Hennin in 1974. Pat and Patsy believe that a home should free a person, and an individual can do whatever he or she set their minds to. Together, they are not only the perfect match, but also the perfect combination to build an organization built on history, family life, and freedom.

Today, Shelter continues to offer a wide range of build and design services, real estate, and accredited home-building classes.



About Earn More Do Less. Earn More Do Less, co-founded by John Gosselin and Austin Pike, is a team of strategists, analysts, and data-driven designers focused on helping businesses grow online. Although the Earn More Do Less team serves clients all over the nation, it goes without saying that they are excited to be working with a company right in their own backyard.

John Gosselin claims, “Gaius and Blueberry are a second-generation business that has made significant improvements to bring their service scope outside of the New England region. It has been a pleasure to get acquainted with them and see first-hand how much they truly care about putting relationships first with homeowners, builders, and architects whom they serve.”

Earn More Do Less looks forward to a prosperous partnership and helping the Shelter Institute reach its goals, extend their brand awareness and reach through a winning online marketing strategy, and better serve their clients.

Contact. To learn more about the Shelter Institute, reach out to the team today by phone, filling out their online contact form, or appointment.

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