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November 4, 2019
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November 4, 2019

It’s no secret that in today’s digitally-driven era, it can be a real challenge to find the right balance of personal connection with an audience that helps them self-select YOU and your company as the right service and product provider to solve their unmet needs. However, with the right approach, knowledge, and tools, you can leverage your technology stack and provide clients with the high-touch, personalized experience they crave.

If you have wanted to learn more about what it will take for your company to capitalize on today’s Internet economy for your marketplace in the most measurable and systematic way, we strongly suggest that you request a complimentary website analysis video filmed by our company’s Direct Of Online Sales Conversion, Austin Pike.

What To Expect When We Film Your Analytics Intelligence Video

When you work with our team to have an Analytics Intelligence Video filmed, we use an “ingredient” list to help you become more high-tech, high-touch, and client-focused company in 2020.

Here are just a few things we look for and highlight in your video:

– Website display (Does it display correctly on all screen sizes and devices?)
– Does your branding tell a story and create an emotional connection?
– Do you have compelling offers that help you stand-out among ideal buyers?
– Do you have testimonials or reviews to validate the claims you make on your website?
– Do you have a contact form or live chat option to let people reach out to you in various ways?
– Do you use a conversion tracking tool for phone calls, form fill-outs, etc.?
– Do you showcase the charity and/or work your company has done in the community?

… and more.

To see the complete “ingredient” list, download your copy here.

Example Website Analysis Videos

Here are some videos we have done for other clients that likely bring to market products and services similar to what your business does:

This company requested an analysis video after speaking with us at a tradeshow

This company has 22 locations and services multiple states

This company received an email and replied asking for an analysis video

Next Steps…

We highly recommend you reach out to our team and request a free website review video.

We guarantee our video will provide you with insights about the overall performance of your website, and how well it reaches your audience, to help you understand what improvements and actions are necessary to help you become the high-tech, high-touch, and hyper-client-focused company you want to be.

Contact us today for your free video if turning more browsers into buyers and generating more income from all of the online insights coming in from your website is the goal… just click the Get Video button at the top of our site!

To yours in success,


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