The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2020 Recap
February 1, 2020
Clients Love to Lean On and Leverage Our Company’s Proven Recipe of Success and Knowledge of the Kitchen & Bath Industry
March 1, 2020

For the second straight year, the teams at Earn More Do Less (EMDL) and Showroom Marketing attended the Luxury Products Group annual conference at the Marriott Grand Hotel in San Diego, California. 

This year, the show attracted more than 100 different service providers from the decorative plumbing and hardware industry as well as over 440 showroom owners and the sales associates who work at these showrooms. These professionals are known for moving high-end plumbing products in various “luxury” categories to home owners and people working in the trades using all sorts of proven strategies to boost business.

Working in conjunction with one of our industry partners, Bravo Business Media, John Gosselin, CEO of Earn More Do Less and co-founder of Showroom Marketing fielded dozens of requests centered on how-to strategies that will get you the most amount of quality inquiries for the least cost. These days, if you want to be taken seriously and do things right, you’ve got to be able to equate (and right down to the dollar) cost-per-lead (CPL) and customer acquisition cost from the Internet channel for you showroom.  By far, that topic had the most interest. 

All in all, the interest in learning about how to “win” more business and gain more market share through the Internet has never been higher… In other words, the time is RIGHT NOW to maximize what’s possible in the zip codes and areas you serve clientele.

3 Helpful Tools and Insights to Win More Business on the Internet

So, if you were one of the dozens of companies that wanted John to analyze your company’s progress with winning more on the Internet, or if you aren’t part of LPG but would like to benefit in the same way LPG members can, here are some of the helpful tools and insights we provide: 

1. Market Analysis Report – This delightful deliverable tells you exactly how many people are searching Google for generic terms, such as “showroom near me”, “kitchen designer near me”, and so on; product categories, such as bathroom vanities, bathroom faucets, kitchen countertops, and so on; and brands, such as California Faucet, Delta, Toto, Newport Brass, and more. 

Here is an example of a Keyword Research Report for Holt Supply, an LPG member.

2. Custom Website Review Video – In this video, we review the top five things that will matter most for your website to predictably turn more browsers into sales opportunities.

Here is an overview of EMDL’s website review video as well as a few examples for you to look at.

3. Analytics Intelligence Video – Numbers in business don’t lie. Coincidentally, most business owners— especially small business owners—seldom take the time to learn about the numbers that matter most for their businesses. By taking more time to understand these numbers, businesses are in a better position to make more informed and insightful decisions and thrive on the Internet.

This is precisely why Austin Pike, co-founder of Showroom Marketing and 30 Under 30 at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) alum, expertly and diligently dissects what’s working now with your web infrastructure, etc. and what will provide more opportunity for kitchen and bath-based businesses in any market in the United States.

Sharing Trade Secrets

Although John had a blast talking business development with the members of the Luxury Products Group, perhaps what he valued most was how showroom owners were so open to sharing the trade secrets that have amassed their fortunes for their businesses, as well as share memories in one of the most patriotic place in America.

One of the attendees of the Luxury Products Group complimented John by telling him that John and Austin know more about what people search for, why they buy, and how to track things right down to the dollar than most people who reach out to them about this sort of this thing (i.e., internet marketing). For that, John is grateful, takes a bow, and is ready to help the next business monopolize their market place in the geographic areas they serve LOL 🙂

Please let us know which one of the three items above you’d like to have us do for your company.


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