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March 2, 2018

3 Reasons Why Our Chief Charitable Donor, 11 Year Old Zack Gosselin Is Writing A Book That Will Change The Leadership Style In The Design, Building And Construction Industries Forever!

Zack Gosselin’s story as an entrepreneur and do-gooder is hard to comprehend for people who are hearing of this fine young man for the first time.

In short, if you’d find a story about a 6 year old boy who decided donating his time, passion, and money to boost morale and help others overcome a feeling of hopelessness because “trying” times in life are getting the best of them inspiring and uplifting, then you’ll love Zack’s commitment to advance the process of publishing his second book The Sweet Smell Of Success by the time he turns 12 years old on July 25, 2018.

Zack Gosselin

Reason #1 – There Is No Better Way For A Person To Show Their Passion And Expertise In A Subject Matter

As tiring as it can be and as much as we don’t want to believe that publishing a book can be a great business development decision, there is no way to deny that somebody IS INDEED an “expert” if they A) possess enough knowledge in a subject matter to write a book about it – especially if the book turns out to be a job-well-done, and B) if they actually publish it.

Safe to say, Zack hasn’t decided to write one book or do a project, he’s published one book and done dozens of projects!

On this particular project, Zack is looking to lead the way for tens of thousands of future leaders in our workforce and showcase just how simple it is to succeed in life and business, as long as you follow the advice of those who have already climbed the mountain of success you’d like to in life.


Zack Explains How His 2018 Goal-Setting Session Went


Zack Being Endorsed Jeanette McCarthy, The Mayor Of Waltham, MA


Reason #2 – Zack Made The Decision To Stand-Up To Critics By Writing This Book (Just Because You Don’t Agree With Somebody, Doesn’t Mean You Should Be Shy Or Become Silenced About Spreading Your Message)

Zack Gosselin
Although Zack endured some tough-love moments over the years from his parents, teachers, and on the playing surface over the years, he has never lost sight of staying the course when it comes to creating compelling content that aligns with things he’s passionate about exploring and pursing in life.

Things such as playing sports, putting service before self, being a great friend and teammate, and quotes and ideas for succeeding in life is what you’ll find when you’re reading things from Zack Gosselin.

If you are not familiar with the work Zack has done in his earlier years, you can discover and learn more about his endeavors on his website, DreamBigVille.org.  In short, over the last 6 years, Zack has raised over $10,000 for various causes he says are facing ‘trying’ times in life.

Zack hosts an annual Skate-A-Thon event where he gathers friends, family and community.  At the 2017 Skate-A-Thon event, 350 attendees from Aaron’s Presents in Lowell, MA gathered at the Tsongas Center to share laughs, get their skate on, and say “cheers” to doing good deeds for others.


Reason #3 – When You Publish A Book, The “Imprinting” Process That Occurs In The Subconscious Mind Takes Your Belief, Conviction, And Desire To Teach That Subject AND Pay Forward The Joy You Have For That Subject Reaches A Level Seldom Experienced By Most People In Life

When Zack was just 6 years old, he become interested in doing “good deeds” for others and used his website to ‘shine light’ on what many people consider their #1 fear in life: speaking in public.  Over the years, Zack has realized the “ripple effect” his growth and actions have caused for others, which he says means more to him than he could ever imagined.  

Finally, if you’re a published author, congratulations… you’ve accomplished something most people mostly dream of, but never act upon.  

I hope you continue to stretch yourself in life like Zack has, and am hopeful that our paths will cross someday soon 🙂  

As for Zack; he hopes you enjoy reading “The Sweet Smell Of Success” once it’s published in the spring of 2018.

Cheers to doing thoughtful things differently in life for others,

John Gosselin

John Gosselin
CEO | Web Sales Conversion Expert
EarnMoreDoLess.com | (781) 780-2110

P.S. – Click here to visit Zack’s website and to download his first book, 13 Ways To Put Service Before Self: A Guide To “Winning” With Others In Life.  

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