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October 28, 2016
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January 26, 2017

6 Ways NKBA (National Kitchen And Bath Association) Members Can Out Perform Competitors In Sales And Market Share Month-After-Month!

For over 50 years, enhancing member success & paving a path for industry excellence has been the driving force of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. By their many ongoing initiatives, it is clear that the NKBA is committed to helping members understand their best options for growing their customer base and increasing individual business influence within the industry and across all their geographic markets.

With over 14,000 member companies, an overall membership tipping 60,000, plus establishing the outstanding  Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the NKBA has become a beacon for leadership and best practices in the kitchen and bath industry worldwide.

At Earn More Do Less and ShowroomMarketing.com, we have studied and compared specific methods and systems, which companies affiliated with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, are using to win customers over their competitors, month after month, by simply harnessing the power of Google to your strategic advantage!




Internet marketing can be overwhelming and frustrating when you don’t have a measurable strategy focused on your end goal. Are you seeking to hit higher revenue goals by 2017? Do you want clientele from a specific area, perhaps a more affluent area, finding you first (ahead of your competitors) on Google? If you have goals to increase market share and sales consistently, we’ve got a proven 6 part formula that changes the internet marketing game!

We’ve even created a sales board game where each step around the board marks a proven business growth tactic to win you more business online! The more steps around the board you integrate into a multi-channel marketing strategy, the quicker you can outperform your competitors in sales and market share month-after-month.



What we hear from our Kitchen and Bath business clients is how frustrating it can be to KNOW that a powerful sales generator (Google) is right at your fingertips, but not know how to make Google bring prospects to you!

Our kitchen, bath, design community, and showroom clients are leveraging automated sales processes through the power of an integrated SEO, Google Adwords, Website & Sales Process. Plus we keep our clients (and prospects) in-the-know, through a personalized monthly Results Reporting Video that shows where customers are coming from, how they can improve conversions and where there is hidden opportunity in their market(s) online!


Now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes. We’re going to take you on a deep-dive into how easy it is to apply our proven 6 part “Online Sales Growth” Formula so that you can start increasing your sales ASAP. We have honed our strategy into a step-by-step, set of deliverables so you can seamlessly earn more, do less, and “win” more business through a repeatable, scalable result-driven strategy month in and month out. Fasten your seat belts!


The 6-Part Formula For “Winning” More
Business Because Of Your NKBA Affiliation



How Other NKBA Members Are Using This 6 Part Formula to Take
Control of Prospect Generation & Grow Their Revenues Consistently!

1. Marketing Strategy Session
Are you clearly conveying your Unique Selling Proposition (i.e., what you do better than anyone else) in a way that your customer understands and when they see it, they’re yelling out “Yes, I’m ready to buy from you!”? Can you name the top benefits of what you offer and a bold risk-reversal guarantee to differentiate you from all your competitors? What about the unique things you do that nobody else in your market is doing? You’ve got to tell the RIGHT people that you’ve got what THEY WANT and make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you.

We have clients who have offered a “no re-stocking fee” when a product is bought at their showrooms, free services if x,y and z don’t happen once you work with them and their team, and who have put flex-pay programs in place. By removing all pressure & risk from customer purchases, these clients of ours in your kitchen, bath, design community, and showroom space, use our framework to get in front of the RIGHT people and clearly offer them what they want! The easier you make it for people to self-select you, the more growth you’ll have.

2. Website Design
A website isn’t just a pretty picture gathering dust in the online galaxy. You can turn your website into your best salesperson – working around the clock, even when you aren’t physically open for business! For starters, you have to make clear decisions on your website objectives. What does optimal website performance look like for your business?

Is it maximizing brand exposure, increasing email subscribers, tracking phone calls, incentivizing mobile phone leads? Once you know the exact and optimal role your website can play in your sales process, you need to optimize your website so that you can easily reel in the big fish ready to bite in the deep blue online ocean!

Using heat maps and specific analytical benchmarks that track the performance of your integrated website-marketing strategy, we can tell you what leads are doing when they visit your website. Once we know this, we can set up processes to move them to exactly where you want them to go – more sales or more calls to book consultations!

It’s incredible the difference it can make when your website, google and automated client sales processes all start working efficiently together.

To effectively accomplish the above, we’ll customize a proven recipe which involves aesthetics, functionality, typefaces, colors and navigation so your customer gets the best experience possible on your website, regardless of which device they’re using to find you.

We’ll also share with you the tricks of the trade that increase sales and market share. For example, speaking to your clients where they are at and clearly explaining how you’re the best entity to deliver what they want! An awesome tactic to encourage sales and win the trust of new prospects is to integrate compelling headlines and client testimonials (ideally featuring the client faces), and most importantly, an introduction video that shares “why” you do what you do, not just “what” you do.

Don’t forget to remind your customer what to do next – place that order with you or call you to set-up a consultation.

If you’d like to see how we use web design to accomplish specific growth goals for our clients, visit our case-studies page.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Business Profiles Setup 
It’s now time to take SEO off the “high priority list” and into your “high performance list”. Setting-up optimal and keyword-rich page titles, descriptions, meta tags, URL structure allows Google to ‘read’ your website. The more readable your website is for Google and the more you implement our Google Search domination tactics, the more predictable and consistent traffic you’ll be driving to your website.

Here’s another trick of the trade. This one’s on the house!, Be sure to set-up your website in the Google Search Console to ensure you don’t miss indexing any important pages or risk penalization by Google. Believe us, you don’t want to be held hostage to Google’s Search Penalties.

Want competitors to click on you ahead of the competition? Set-up your “Google My Business Page” with your logo, custom designed cover photo, company introduction, and Google Maps address. Then, once you have a Google My Business Page that you can be proud of, don’t be bashful about getting lots of reviews on your page. Your sales results will thank you!

Finally, no SEO program or website optimization is complete until Google Analytics is properly installed. This is one of the top business growth tools we see used incorrectly. Tracking and knowing where visitors come from, what they did on your site, and where they exit is what will allow you to lay the groundwork for achieving a predictable marketing and sales process on the internet.


This Review Of A Super Creative Company Online Will Teach You A Ton


4. Conversion Tracking & Reporting
Setting-up call tracking to discover where every phone call comes from and the average time per call from different marketing channels is imperative. Also, having a heat-mapping software installed to track the behavior, mouse movement, and cursor clicks of every visitor on your site helps to discover where your design needs to be improved and where you are leaving uncollected revenue on the table.

Also, setting-up web forms to capture contacts who get redirected to a thank you page and syncing that data into a central contact database or Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) system is a no-brainer.

Finally, if you are investing money in internet advertising, such as pay-per-click, it’s vital to maximize your conversion tracking pixels in AdWords to know the exact keywords your phone calls, form fill-outs and web orders come from. We can seamlessly help you apply this integrated 6 part “win” more business framework to your business so that you can increase sales month-after-month!

If you haven’t watched the videos up-above yet (especially the one just above this text), I would do it now 🙂

5. AdWords Setup & Optimization 
Want to know how your competitors are sending hungry prospects to their website every day? You can target people in specific geographical locations searching for the services and products you have to sell them! We will restructure your campaigns with optimal audience targeting, cutting out wasteful spend and increasing conversions. This is extremely important if you want to show up on the first page of Google for EVERY search that occurs for the keywords that the clients you want are using to search for the services you offer.

Google Adwords precision is all about dialing-in your keywords, search terms, ad groups, ad copy, demographic and geographic settings, and bidding strategy. Always on the lookout to take your strategy to the next level, we’ll help you hold that competitive edge by researching your competitors’ advertising footprint so you know their most profitable keywords, ads.

Once armed with this information you’ll have measurable, verified tactics that will capture more market share.

You can use this website to learn more about what your competition is doing with the Google AdWords platform.

6. Monthly Strategy Consulting
If you are not sure where the growth opportunities are for your business online each month, what on Earth are you doing?!

As the late, great Dr. Stephen Covey would say, “begin with the end in mind.” If you have no clue how to turn your website into a salesperson and make Google work to win business, I suggest you have our team put together an Analytics Intelligence Video for you so that your key decision makers will be on the same page. In this video, for no cost at all, we will share which marketing metrics could make the biggest difference for bettering your bottom line and what tweaks will position you as a leading business in your marketplace.

If you feel you’re not yet at the online performance level you’d like, I strongly suggest booking what we call a 5ish minute Business Breakthrough Call. On this call, we will discuss client-attainment strategies that can work for you.

Remember, the video and/or phone call are on offer to you at NO COST at all…. that’s right, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking a time to speak with us or having us film an Analytics Intelligence Video for your business.

To higher profits and beyond you go!




John Gosselin & Austin Pike
Co-founders, ShowroomMarketing.com
(781) 780-2110 | Book A Time To Talk

PS – Austin Pike is currently a member of the 30 Under 30 Club for the NKBA, and was told he was selected because he has worked with dozens of kitchen, bath, design community, and showrooms and knows LOTS about what it takes to get measurable, repeatable, and scalable results for businesses operating in this industry.

So, if you’re serious about growing your enterprise through the internet, book a call with our team or get the video filming process started immediately!

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